Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wedding Envy- Cocktail Edition

Happy Hump Day NBs! This week's wedding envy is inspired by some great cocktails I had over the weekend- including my very first Pimm's Cup (highly recommended)! Expensive cocktails are pretty easy to come by- and I'm not talking about $20 for a rum and coke kind of expensive, I'm talking hundreds if not thousands of dollars kind of expensive. Most of these cocktails include some sort of gold dusting or even pieces of jewelry floating around with the ice cubes. This particular drink, however, is special- not because it comes garnished with something sparkly, but because it's historic! Available at The Merchant House in Belfast, this Mai Tai will cost you roughly $1400! The reason? It's made with Wray & Nephew 17 year old rum- the original key ingredient that inspired Trader Vic to make the original Mai Tai cocktail at his bar in Oakland, California in 1944. There are only six bottles of this stuff in circulation, and this one at The Merchant House is probably the only one actually being drunk. So if you're REALLY in to Mai Tai's- this is the drink for you! Just make sure the person making the drink really knows what they're doing...

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