Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wedding Envy- Earth Day Edition

Ok, so it's a little on the early side, but why not celebrate Earth Day every day?! Since we're in between Earth Hour (which was on March 26) and Earth Day (April 22), I thought I'd bring a little eco-friendliness into our lives today. But not just any eco-friendliness- SPARKLY eco-friendliness! Me & Ro is a great jewelry company that is beginning to be picked up by more mainstream department stores (i.e. Bloomingdale's). They pride themselves on their ethical practices, which include using conflict free diamonds, recycled gold and silver and- here's the kicker- fossilized ivory from mammoths and mastodons found in Russia and Alaska! They also no longer buy coral, but rather use antique coral in one-of-a-kind pieces and their packaging and mailing materials are 100% recycled. These are great pieces on their own, but the ethical conscience behind them make them even more special. And can someone please use that heart-shaped ring as an engagement ring? I dare someone to make snarky comments about your mammoth ivory being too small.

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