Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Hats ON for Royal Wedding Week

Many years ago, this rom-com once taught me that British people love wearing big fabulous hats at weddings.

Philip Treacy has been the milliner for the royals since God knows when and has even made some delightful creations for Americans like Lady Gaga and Sarah Jessica Parker, which I think is a rather interesting juxtaposition in clientele (and style!)

I personally wish Americans would get with the program and wear cool hats at weddings. Brides are starting to do it. Let's start a trend shall we? Here are some less expensive options, since let's face it- if Philip Treacy is serving the British and American elite and not listing prices on his website, we probably can't afford it:

The "Lismore" $199 Etsy

The "Elwick Fascinator" $169 Etsy

Velvet Cocktail Hat, $495 BHLDN

Silk Coil Hat, $120 BHLDN

Profile Feather Hat Headband $212 Etsy

The best thing about the big hat? You can wear it again at your next Kentucky derby or while you clean the house.

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