Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Royal Wedding is Tomorrow! Oh Em Gee!

Personally, I'm not going to wait up 'till 4 in the morning to watch the royal wedding. As much as I would enjoy seeing it live and pretending that I was invited to such a grand event, I also have sleep to catch up on. Besides, we all know that the only thing we really care about is what Kate's wearing, and that's what tabloids and YouTube is for!

Amidst questions about what the dress is going to look like, bets are being placed on which tiara Kate is going to wear for her big day. Right now, most people are speculating that she will don the Russian fringe tiara (pictured above), which was made in 1919 for Queen Mary before being passed down to the Queen Mother, the Queen, and Princess Anne at their weddings. If Kate does wear this crown, she'll be the first "commoner" to do so (Yah! Power to the People!)

Although tiaras are becoming less popular for the rest of us "common brides," perhaps the royal wedding will create a new demand. If not, then I'm sure current and future brides- to- be will look into getting these cool twists on traditional princess headgear!

Crystal headband by Erica Koesler

Crystal headband by Malis Henderson

Crystal ribbon headband by Maria Elena

The headpieces above can be found at Kleinfeld's. If you go there during their blowout sale (which is coming up on May 3rd) you can get pretty good prices on pieces like these. Otherwise, however, they are pricey. Etsy has a lot of vendors that sell good quality pieces very similar to the ones shown above but at much more affordable prices. 

Floral Bridal Headband by YJdesign, Etsy

Headbands not your thing? Try a beautiful comb:

Elise Vintage Rhinestone Spray Brooch/Hair Comb by belcanto, Etsy

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